Interactive is a team of experts, developing tools for interactive digital communications - internal and external. We are building interactive communication tools, while also consulting on communications and content marketing, giving our clients a comprehensive communication solution.

Our tools build connections between coworkers, and strengthen employee loyalty, participation and feedback. Companies and organisations using Interactic communicate better: whether the communication is top-down or between team members, and no matter if it’s used for ongoing communication or themed activations.

Compared to standard non-interactive communication activities, our clients have a 70% higher engagement rate on their content. Interactive content pieces have a higher reach, more engaged readership and a better memory imprint.

Interactive communication enables companies and organisations to also collect better employee feedback and suggestions, giving them the info necessary to quickly react to the needs of their workplace environment. Using Interactic therefore builds loyalty, raises productivity and contributes to a significant rise in employee satisfaction.

Let's make important messages unforgettable for your coworkers!