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Enrich internal communication with interactive experiences and transform passive employees into actively engaged participants.

Why Interactic?

New work dynamics have moved internal information flow toward digital communication channels.

Your team needs work-related info to do their jobs: schedules, vacation days, substitutions. But essential content, like values, corporate initiatives, and culture building often fall through the cracks.

This content is crucial for building employee loyalty, especially today when hybrid working environments are becoming the norm.
Interactic is your solution to the challenge: how to communicate specific messages on corporate values, culture, work process and initiatives in an attractive and memorable way.

What is Interactic?

Interactic is a tool that allows you to communicate with your employees using interactive amplifiers. Interactive amplifiers make internal messages more visible and engaging, allowing employees to respond immediately.

Interactic makes visualizing messages easier and more attractive, making them even more memorable.

This is done through a large set of different interactive amplifiers: you enter the content, and the application takes care of converting it into interactive activations.

You don’t need your IT department to join into the mix: Interactic allows communicators to be their own bosses. Your job is to create content, and everything else is taken care of by the Interactic app.

Interactic integrates into your existing communication tools and does not require any workflow changes or investments into new IT tools, services or hardware.

What can Interactic do?


Interactic enables you to upgrade your internal communication, driving healthy competitiveness and fun among your team members. Your corporate messages can easily be gamified to drive higher engagement and response rate.


Who are we, and what do we do? What entertains us at our work, what is connecting us and bringing us together? Interactive messages enable your coworkers to co-create your story while building loyalty and togetherness.


Create messages that inspire your coworkers to achieve more. Drive your teams towards a common goal. And use clever interactions and feedback mechanisms to make them remember the important bits.


Surprise your team with sweepstakes, which can be integrated into any interactive message. Give out random rewards, or award them to the best participants. Interactic offers you automatic prize draws, based on your parameters – and your team's engagement.

What our clients have to say?

Counting down during the holiday season was special

The long wait for Christmas Eve was made fun and interesting with the Interactic calendar, bringing us a new game, riddle, quiz, gallery, …, every day, and all content was Petrol-related of course. Both our content creators and our co-workers agree that Interactic made visiting internal communication channels more special, more festive, and the communication team got a simple to use but powerful communication tool.

Polona Žučko
Corporate communications, Petrol

Our coworkers love to participate

Interactic is a great tool for us, internal communicators. It enables us to present our content in a fresh, modern way. This breaks down the monotony of our content and raises interest in the information provided. Our coworkers love interactive content and participate in great numbers. It enables them to have fun and sometimes compete with each other, all while getting work-related information. Their feedback shows that they appreciate this way of communication.

Suzana Žbogar
Director of Public Relations, Vzajemna health insurance


of coworkers participate in interactive content activations


of participants complete all steps in activations


is the average engagement time with one piece of content

Flip old, tired stories and raise employees' interest!

Advantages of using Interactic

Interactic is a tool enabling you to easily add interaction to your internal content.

Raise your readership

Create content experiences with a high engagement rate and raise information retention among your coworkers.

Impress with innovative messaging

Impress your coworkers with a unique messaging approach and show them the value of internal communication.

Let your coworkers express themselves.

Internal communication should not be one-way only. Allow employees to express their thoughts and feelings. Also, don't forget to pay attention to their suggestions and ideas.

Make it easier to understand.

Use interactions to elaborate, and break big chunks of information into smaller, more manageable pieces.

How does Interactic help you achieve your goals?

Internal communicators

Want your messages to have higher readership and engagement? Interactic enables you to easily publish attractive content on your internal channels. "Boring stuff", like work processes, values, culture will become a #1 hit among your employees.


Your messaging will acquire an additional dimension, giving you a bigger reach and higher engagement among your employees. Important information will gain traction quicker, the responses will be more positive and your communication style and tone will get a contemporary makeover.

Human Resources

Get an up-to-date insight into your employees’ satisfaction and acquire tools to address every individual in their own way. Get return information quickly, educate your coworkers and integrate new team members in the shortest possible time.

IT Administrators

Interactic does not require any additional investment into new hardware, tools, or services. It integrates into your existing ecosystems, without any big time or financial investment.

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