Interactic calendar connects your coworkers day by day

To build long term connections between coworkers and between your company and your employees is the primary goal of every internal communications platform. Interactic enables you to build themed interactive calendars, giving you the option to count up or down to a certain date. They work best by connecting the calendar content with other corporate activities (example: countdown to product launch), or with general dates of significance (like holidays).

Interactive calendars are a longer-term activation, but on a daily basis they don’t require much time from your coworkers, making them ideal for short work breaks, without disturbing the work environment.

Interactive calendars can also be used to promote and establish new tools and new communication platforms: drive your colleagues towards a new channel through daily activations, making it a habit to visit, which they will continue to do even after the activation is concluded.

Some examples of interactive calendars

While there are no limits to imaginative use of calendars, we’ve provided some ideas below on how to use them.

Advent calendar

Winter holidays with a twist – bring some Christmas spirit to your internal communication channels with a daily activation counting down to the holiday season.

Sports activations

Sports sponsorships and related activities are usually communicated external – which is a missed opportunity, as they can be a strong driver of team cohesion and employer branding.

Health weeks

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body! Our office workplaces are not prime examples of healthy living, with all the sitting and staring into screens. Use the calendar to work some muscles!

Sustainability month

We all must participate to solve the challenges of the future – and every individual can, with some guidance, provide their own piece in the mosaic of a sustainable future.

Let's make important messages unforgettable for your coworkers!