It is important how you present your message!

Choose between different interactive amplifiers, helping you grow your readership, while raising your engagement and response rate.

Interactive amplifiers


Quiz is one of the most popular interactive formats. It’s used to both educate and entertain our coworkers. Quizzes have a high response and engagement rate, as it gives the reader an opportunity to learn something new about themselves. They are also a great format to present and learn new information in a different, more fun way.

Photo challenge

Photo challenge enables your coworkers to show a part of their everyday life, a part of themselves. This gives your coworkers a sense of belonging to the team, and helps them learn something about each other in a non-formal way.

Puzzle game

Puzzles help your team to take a break, while still using their cognitive abilities to get the solution. Puzzles can also be used to build healthy competitiveness and a sense of belonging to the team.

🏆 Optional leaderboard

Memory game

Memory also requires your coworkers to work their brain cells to get to a solution, while optionally competing with others. It’s a great format to promote products, services, values and other corporate content.

🏆 Optional leaderboard


Stories are great for content divided into parts, ordered lists, steps in a process, etc. Shorter pieces of content as opposed to one long content piece also helps your coworkers to remember the information provided.For better results combine stories with images and videos. They are also great for micro-education, new team member onboarding, …


Polls can give us quick feedback on the topic covered, to check the mood among the team, or just as an interactive element in a bigger piece of content, to lighten it up and drive engagement.Polls can be text-based or visual. After answering, results can be shown immediately.


A short guessing game, where the answer derives from images, characters, and formulas provided.

Rebuses can be used to put focus on important info, and also to share positivity and optimism.

What connects them?

A short mind game where your coworker must find what connects the objects in the picture. Great for building cognitive abilities and as a short entertaining break.

Can be used to promote your values, initiatives, and to build corporate culture.

Find the object

A short activation where your coworkers must guess the object in a cut-up picture. Time to answer can be limited, and wrong answers can give them another turn to answer (but with time to answer shortened).

Great for re-using marketing materials for internal communication, but also to give an interactive twist to other graphical materials and photos.

Guess who (or what)?

An entertaining interactive format, where your coworkers must recognize the subject or object in a blurred image. A wrong answer can give them another guess, with blurring reduced.

Can be used to “hide” new products, promote sponsorships, etc.

New amplifiers are introduced regularly.

We are working on creating new amplifiers and also on adding functionality to existing one, making them even more efficient.

Even though some amplifiers provided can be complex, editing your content in Interactic is simple: with a user interface to add content, while the design is done by automation, without any additional input.

You only have to take the designed content, and publish it on your internal channels – a simple process which usually includes just copy/pasting a link.

Let's make important messages unforgettable for your coworkers!