Keeping in touch during the holiday season


December is the time for celebration, and the time for family - which includes your work family as well. The holiday atmosphere puts everyone in a good spirit, and it’s also the ideal time to build long term connections. Both between your coworkers and between your company and your employees.

In the last few years a big shift in internal communication happened: digital channels are becoming much more important. But most of our digital tools lack the warmth and connection which an in-office holiday atmosphere brings. With the rise of more flexible work environments companies struggled to keep their teams connected and involved.

Internal communicators are thus facing several challenges:

  • Using existing internal communications channels for holiday- oriented communications
  • Bridging the field- office-remote divide through creative use of digital communication
  • Engaging coworkers who were usually passive participants in digital communication
  • Promote digital communications channels among employees not yet using them


You can now bring a piece of the December atmosphere to your internal communication channels. Interactic Holiday Calendar will encourage your colleagues to take part every day. It will help you build employee loyalty, and also engage people who usually avoid or cannot take part in the “happy December'' activities.

Calendar content can be adapted to your needs. You can pick among 10+ different content formats for each day, and combine them together as you wish for more complex interactions with your employees. New content can be published daily, but you can adapt the publishing dynamic if you prefer to, i.e., skip weekends or other days, and you can focus on a specific theme for the most important days of the season.

To bring in-office and online communication closer, we encouraged the team to join with their own content and photos. Some of the challenges required them to create and upload their own content. This enabled everyone to take part in setting the holiday mood on all internal channels.

Holiday Calendars enable companies to use existing communications tools while upgrading their communication activities without the limits of most internal communication platforms. It works on intranets, MS Teams, landing pages and it can be also connected to your emails.

Counting down during the holiday season was special

The long wait for Christmas Eve was made fun and interesting with the Interactic calendar, bringing us a new game, riddle, quiz, gallery, …, every day, and all content was Petrol-related of course. Both our content creators and our co-workers agree that Interactic made visiting internal communication channels more special, more festive, and the communication team got a simple to use but powerful communication tool.

Polona Zucko
Corporate communications, Petrol

The only limit to what “works” in the calendar is your imagination, but some of the better-received mechanics and subject matters include:

  • Giveaways: holiday calendar enables you to quickly create sweepstakes and prize games, enabling you to pamper your employees and acknowledge their contributions with a small token of appreciation.
  • Competitions: participating is more fun if you spice it up with a bit of a rivalry. Small games and quizzes enable you to create competitions, driving engagement and encouraging both individuals and teams to try to achieve the best result possible.
  • Awareness campaigns: the holiday season is great for educating your team about your company’s achievements in the last year, promoting initiatives, sponsorships and other information that fell between the cracks while it happened.
  • Fun content: the holiday season is great for educating your team about your company’s achievements in the last year, promoting initiatives, sponsorships and other information that fell between the cracks while it happened.

Our coworkers love to participate

Interactic is a great tool for us, internal communicators. It enables us to present our content in a fresh, modern way. This breaks down the monotony of our content and raises interest in the information provided. Our coworkers love interactive content and participate in great numbers. It enables them to have fun and sometimes compete with each other, all while getting work-related information. Their feedback shows that they appreciate this way of communication.

Suzana Žbogar
Director of Public Relations, Vzajemna health insurance


Existing internal communications channels are suitable for providing information to your team. But with a couple of interactive upgrades, we can also make them better at engaging your colleagues. This will raise team spirit, employee satisfaction and make the holidays special.

With Interactic you will form new connections between your company and your employees. And be even better at communicating on digital as you are in the offline world.

72 %

participated daily

83 %

participated in at least
one activation

40 %

participated in user
content challenges with
their own content

15 %

was a long-tail engagement growth
on internal channels
after the holiday

It's a top visited intranet content for the 3rd year in a row

In the last couple of years we have been working on bringing our internal communications channels closer to our employees. With Interactic’s Holiday Calendar we have been able to upgrade our activities during the holiday season, engaging most of our coworkers and bringing some of the holiday spirit on our intranet and MS Teams chat rooms”

Ana Petric
Internal communications, Telekom

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